Granite Mountain Hotshots Tribute

Last Call Lyrics

Do You Know (Echo) How much I Love you
Do you know (Echo) How much I, How much I
Do You Know (Echo) How much I Love you
Do You know
Baby how much, how much,
how much, how much I love ya

A thousand tears, could not say
On how much I miss you on this day
This is dedicated to the ones who dig ditches
On the front lines, fighting fires in the trenches

Putting your life on a line at the drop of a dime
Because of your courage, I keep mine
Weather day or night, you sacrifice
Paying the price, sometimes wit your life

This is my tribute to you
For all that you do, you know that we love you
Id move heaven and earth to have a chance
To see your face smile at me again

I carry your burden, I carry your strain
I say to your family, I feel your pain
To our Paramedics, our Vets and our Cops
To our Firefighters and to our Hotshots


You never thought it'd end like that
You collapse try to figure how u rewind back
As you look into this name engraved on this plaque
Your heart fills w/ pain like a hornet attack

Whats lost is gone, it aint never comin back
They say the truth hurts but you bleed for the facts
Now you gone man, it hurts to much to say it
But the way I feel (pause) I can't explain it

But when your name, was engraved, in the stone, we all cried
We hold up this red, white, and blue to the sky
In your name your honor we pray for the fallen
The families that lost all these uncles, cousins, brothers, and fathers

We pray for the kids we scream for the mothers
For strength as the lost look down frm above us
They smilin' on us, we just wanna tell em, we love 'em, and hug 'em but they gone man


DJ Clone:
The tones go off and they head for the rig
Focused on the mission, calculating line dig
10 and 18, always on they mind
Memorys of loved ones who done left behind

The tones go off, but nobody’s there
Last Call for the 1s who sacrifice without a care
Putting their lives on the line, when you need a life line
It wasn’t time, keeping back the fire line

Chorus & DJ Clone Outro

DJ Clone on the front-line

DJ Clone

Last Call Tribute Video

LEL Brothas

LEL Brothas Ft Kela Jae - Last Call

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